Psittacus Hi Energy Maintenance

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It is indicated for the reproductive stage of species of medium and large size that, besides needing at this time a diet rich in high quality protein, are benefited by the profiles of fatty acids rich in palmitic.

Weight : 800g / 3kg


The excellent nutritional quality and appetite of our products are the best cover letters we can offer. Parrots that reject feed from many other brands eat, without any transition, food from the PSITTACUS range.

There are many and diverse benefits that feed your parrots with the feed PSITTACUS:

  • The correct balance of Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids, and a protein with a balanced amino acid profile guarantee excellent plumage quality.
  • The optimal level of vitamins and antioxidants that stimulate and protect the immune system, provide greater resistance to disease .
  • The presence of prebiotics that favor beneficial intestinal flora and cassava extract that controls odor and  improves stool quality .
  • The use of high-quality protein and fat in the right proportion for each species of psittacid and the use of sugars characteristic of the slow-metabolized fruit (fructose) ensure an adequate control of weight and body condition .