Psittacus Catalonia

PSITTACUS CATALONIA, SL was created in 1998 with the initial objective of developing its main activity in the field of psittacida birds (parrots) as companion animals. At the moment its scope of action is much broader and includes the set of companion and ornamental birds.

The most important work areas of the company are:

  • The development, manufacture and marketing of food for psittacids with the PSITTACUS brand .
  • The development and manufacturing and marketing of  food for canaries and wild fringilids with the SERINUS brand .
  • The development, manufacture and marketing of food for pigeons and other wild birds with the WILDIETS brand .
  • The captive breeding of the bird species that has more prestige as a companion animal: the African gray red-tailed parrot or yaco.
  • The realization of research studies in our own R&D center and in collaboration with scientific entities.
  • The publication of specialized publications on the breeding and possession of parrots.
  • The dissemination of knowledge on captive breeding of psittacids.
  • The collaboration with non-profit entities linked to the promotion of breeding and protection of wild populations in captivity.

PSITTACUS is a range of complete foods for birds of the psittacidae family. These foods have been designed for parrots to find in them all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary to develop a healthy and normal life.

Our products are formulated following the basic and priority criteria that a parrot must be able to live for many years (some, such as the gray parrot and the Amazons can live more than 60 years). For this reason, we use only noble foods.

In the formulas of our products we use cereals, legumes, oilseeds, palm oils, soybeans, sunflower and flaxseed, dehydrated fruit, dried flowers, sugars, dehydrated eggs, minerals, vitamins and some product-enhancing additives.

Some of these additives are important to mention in particular. We refer to yucca extract and prebiotics (inulin). Thanks to these components, we get full use of food, improve the quality of feces and avoid possible digestive problems (aspect, the latter, especially important in the case of babies fed with porridge).

We use natural antioxidants: vitamin C, vitamin E, polyphenols ... In addition, we take special care with the levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

PSITTACUS parrot food is manufactured using the extrusion system. Extrusion is a manufacturing process whereby foods previously moistened with water are "cooked" and expanded. Food is subjected to high pressure and temperature for a short period of time.

This process increases the digestibility of nutrients and significantly improves the taste of the product. With this we get that your appetite is superior, that the utilization of the food is maximum and that the feces are reduced.

PSITTACUS feed is made from balanced mixtures that the animal consumes in its entirety, contrary to what happens with seed mixtures. PSITTACUS feed can constitute 100% of the diet, although they allow us to add other foods to provide variety, provided that PSITTACUS does not fall below 70-80% of the total. Fresh fruit and vegetables can be supplied without limitation. It is not advisable to add any type of vitamin-mineral supplement to those parrots that basically feed on PSITTACUS feed.